Workers’ Comepensation Lawyers in Melbourne

Workers’ Compensation Solicitor in Melbourne

After being injured at work, you may have a lot of questions concerning your accident and resulting injury. You may also have a lot of questions regarding your ability to collect benefits. Before speaking to an insurance agent or your employer’s representative, talk to a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer at Car Accident Lawyer Pros in Melbourne. They understand how frustrating the claims process can be and are sympathetic to the needs of injured workers.

With the expert help of an ethical workers’ compensation solicitor in our group, you won’t have to worry about processing paperwork or negotiating with your employer’s insurance carrier. They will handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on getting better and getting back to work (if a full recovery is possible).

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Melbourne

Who is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits? In Victoria, full and part time employees are eligible to receive benefits for an injury sustained at work. In some cases, a casual worker or subcontractor may also be able to obtain benefits for an injury sustained on the job. It is important to note, injured employees do have a responsibility to complete the claim filing steps required by WorkCover.

Before a workers’ compensation claim can be filed, an employee must notify their employer within 30 days of acquiring or discovering an injury. An injured employee must also complete and sign all required paperwork, notify WorkCover of any medical changes, and provide WorkCover with current medical certificates. If you have not obtained a medical certificate, it is imperative you see a medical professional immediately. A qualified doctor can make sure your injuries are treated properly and also provide you with a medical certificate.

Worker’s Compensation Solicitors in Melbourne

If you were injured in a workplace accident caused through no fault of your own, do not wait to contact an aggressive workers’ compensation lawyer at Car Accident Lawyer Pros in Melbourne. They can help navigate the overwhelming WorkCover claim process to ensure you get the benefits you need for the expenses related to a serious injury. In a workers’ compensation claim, you may be able to get benefits for:

  • Lost earnings
  • Disability
  • Medical bills
  • Travel expenses related to your injury

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne

The experienced worker’s compensation solicitors at Car Accident Lawyer Pros in Melbourne have years of experience helping workers who have been rejected benefits or whose benefits have ceased. All too often, claims are wrongly rejected and the workers’ compensation lawyers in our group will carefully examine the details surrounding a victim’s case to prove his or her right to benefits is valid.

Workers’ Compensation Solicitor in Melbourne

At Car Accident Lawyer Pros in Melbourne, the aggressive workers’ compensation solicitors we work with have successfully handled numerous workers’ compensation cases and will work tirelessly to make sure injured workers are not denied much needed and deserved benefits. When you have a caring and compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer in our group working for you, expect to have frequent updates on the status of your case and an open line of communication. They pride ourselves on giving every client personal and professional legal representation.

Call our law group today at +61 3 9021 2491 to schedule a free, no hassle consultation. If the experienced workers’ compensation solicitors at Car Accident Lawyer Pros in Melbourne can help you, they wont charge you any fees until your case is won.